Alum Springs Hotel

The Alum Springs Hotel

Early 1800’s – Peregrine Echols tavern property sold to John Maben, who built a large hotel named the Bedford Springs Hotel.

1840’s – ? – Peregrine Echols, tavern owner, log cabins, alum & iron springs, bottom of hill west of town.

1859 – Mr. Echols made and sold alum mass, as well as ran a tavern. About this time, to support the quarries, the Salem Turnpike was diverted south, and a bridge built over Buffalo creek.

1870’s – Consortium purchased land for Alum Springs Hotel Resort.

1870’s – New London had become a resort community with many visitors to its Bedford Alum Springs Hotel

1876-1878 – Davis and Maben purchased Echol’s property and improved it, giving the grounds much the look they have today. (Alum Springs Hotel)

Late 19th Century – New London town name changed to Bedford Alum Springs in hopes of attracting tourists to the resort and town

Early 20th Century – Bedford Alum Springs town name reverted to New London.

Early 20th Century – Silent film stars enjoyed gathering at the Alum Springs Hotel (according to oral history).

1913 – Current building of Alum Springs Hotel, the third since the 1870’s.

2018 – Liberty University acquired Alum Springs Hotel.