MT 1941
1941 photo of Mead’s Tavern

Welcome to my Chronology of New London! This project began in October 2018, when I was trying to keep my facts straight in preparation for New London Day as part of my Public History class at Liberty University. It was a way to keep myself sane! I suggested to my professor that I expand it for future students so that they would not have to keep reinventing the wheel. Here it is! It is not complete – that is an impossibility. However, I hope you get some use out of it and are able to build on its contents.

You will notice that there is a Full Chronology and Site Chronologies. I have taken the site- or person-specific information and repeated them on their own unique pages for easier access. The Full Chronology is great for seeing what else was going on in the town, state, and country at the time. Many more pages and links could be created just with the people of New London over the centuries.

I would like to thank Professor Donna Donald at Liberty University for her permission to work on this special project and her enthusiasm for it and patience with me over this semester. I would also like to thank the Friends of New London for their tireless efforts to save the historical sites and educate the public, including Liberty University students, concerning our fascinating history.

Rachel Gilbert, November 28, 2018

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